Saturday, February 27, 2016

Leap Year 2016

For most of my life, I can not say that I have been particularly interested in Leap Year.  Don't tell Mrs. Maldonado, but I don't even really remember why we have it - something about the Earth and its rotations and the seasons and the calendar.  I don't know -  it's not something I spend much time pondering.

Since 2004, however, my notice of February 29th increased dramatically.  In an era of parents who (indulgently) (and ridiculously) recognize not only birthdays but also half-birthdays, my daughter's August 29th birthday gives her a once-every-four-years half-birthday.  It's fun. I can make her half a cake and give her just a half glass of milk.  I'm trying to think of some annoying "half" gift that I can give her.  She's 12 which is a fun age for corny half-jokes.

Strange to think that she'll be 16 the next time this day rolls around.  She'll be driving and (maybe) too cool for Mom's silly half-birthday humor.  And my little one will be an 8th-grader - egads. And my 8th-grader students  ... you'll be preparing to graduate from high school and looking forward to colleges and careers.  That's crazy.  We have a lot to learn before you graduate from here.  I guess that's my cue to stop blogging and start lesson planning.

 Enjoy your Leap Year 2016,  my students!  I hope you enjoy a day off from school whilst your teachers "leap" into more learning at our Teacher Institute Day.  Looking forward to your Leap Year Blogging!

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