Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teacher Thanks

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It's Teacher Appreciation Week.
And here's why I appreciate being a teacher.

My students are fabulous people. True, not all of them willingly read and write. Admittedly, a few don't even want to be at school, period. However, each student this year can bring a genuine smile to my face and in my heart. How do I love thee, Class of 2017? Let me count the ways ...

You are funny - no, hilarious. Your sarcastic wit is without equal. Your jokes? Laugh out loud. Your puns are out of this word (see what I did there?).You make connections. You sing. You unfailingly turn nearly every object in your hand into a basketball. You are sheepish when you don't have your homework. You ask for more book recommendations.You smile. You try. You are vulnerable. You are brave. You have a crush, but you still try to focus. You are curious. You love romance.  Your blog breaks my heart.  Your blog inspires me.  Your blog is beautiful. Your blog cracks me up. You face struggles with a smile.  You ask for help. You find vocabulary words wherever you look. You include others. You're a competitor. You aren't afraid to share your opinions. You want to do well. You want to make your parents happy. You fix my technology problems. You recommend good books. You get lost in your book. You cry at the sad parts. You share pencils. You bring pencils. You smile understandingly when I am pondering whether or not to tear my hair out. You plug in your Chromebook. You discuss philosophical conundrums.You are always hungry. You are amusingly mistaken in your foolish belief that any school is superior to The University of Michigan. You love your cat. You're going to be famous. You're going to be elected. I'm going to read your book. You are a stellar student. You are optimistic. You do not cheat. You have a passion. You stand strong no matter what life has thrown at your young life thus far. You will change the world.

Thank you for a tremendous year, dear students. Fortunately, I will not miss a single one of you next year ...





  1. Thank you for this post. It was beautiful. Then again, you are our English teacher and the reason why many of us actally like reading and writing.

  2. Thank you for being the best teacher, we will all miss you lots. :)

  3. This made me so happy!! Can I take you with me next year?

  4. Words fail. Words fail. There's nothing I can say except sometimes you see everything you ever wanted. (in a beautiful blog post) :)